Total Donations Sent to Ukraine: over $30,000

Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Eastern Ukraine received a few days ago a shipment of the Hemostop blood stopping agent medicine, as well as soap, detergent, and other everyday items. The shipment of Hemostop was purchased with the donated funds from MaydanSF.

$200 for a Kherson battalion (some soldiers from Crimea were transferred there) to buy tires for an old school bus that soldiers are using as a means of transportation.
$300 were sent to Mykolayiv to help soldiers buy a washing machine and a dryer.


Mykolayuv_stiralka Kherson_bus

($300) All of them Crimean refugees without any money or place to live. #refugees
1. Igor, disabled, post-stroke,
2. Oleg & Catherine Family, whose daughter Anna was in the hospital.
3. Maria is a Crimean refugee who has cancer.
$500 to Maria, wife of Igor Tkachuk, who was 38, husband and father of three with the youngest only a year old. Igor was from Znamensk, Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia) and was killed by sniper fire on Maidan on Feb 20, 2014. #heavenlyhundred
$300 to Crimean refugee, injured Sergiy Galkin. He is from Ivano-Frankovsk, a Ukrainian marine who served in the First Feodosia platoon who was part of the last Ukrainian forces to leave Crimea. Sergiy and his colleagues were captured by the Russian army. After Russian army officers asked the marines to betray Ukraine and join Russian force, Sergey refused and started to sing the Ukrainian National anthem. The Russians seriously beat him up and he is now in the hospital outside of Kiev with serious head injuries. He only has a backpack with a few pieces of clothes. Sergiy’s family lost all of their personal items including their home, money and documents to the Russians who are now illegally occupying Crimea. Sergiy and his family ( wife and 7 years old son) need help to get him through this long rehabilitation period. #injured


MaydanSF helps Crimeans . 500 dollars to a family with a 2-month old baby, refugee from Crimea. Also $500 for medications for handicapped Crimean refugee, who is currently in Odessa. #refugees

$500 to Sister of Roman Dzivinskiy
$500 to kids of Andriy Digdalovych
$500 to family of Olga Bura


$300 to Crimean refugees in Kyiv – #refugees

$500 to sister of Maydan victim Vasyl Galamai . #heavenlyhundred

$1000 to mother of Maydan victim Olexandr Plechanov . #heavenlyhundred
plehanov plehanova

$500 to injured Mykola Rudyk, famous Ukraine marathon runner, who was hit with a bullet in the eye on Maydan. Here is a video about him . #injured


$750 to wife of Maydan victim in Kyiv Andriy Chernenko, a loving husband of Olena and a caring father of a 7 month old Yana. #heavenlyhundred


$1000 To mother of Maydan victim in Kyiv – Vesti journalist Vyacheslav Veremy.  #heavenlyhundred

$3000 To widow of Maydan victim in Rivno – Valeriy Opanasiuk, who is survived by a wife and four children. #heavenlyhundred

$1000 To father of the Maydan victim in Kharkov – Evgen Kotlyar #heavenlyhundred


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Plan map-maydan-5
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Dec13_receipts receipt_2000_dec10

Previously (before the demonstration) we did a test pilot. Organizers collected $200 and transferred to our coordinator in Kyiv. He purchased food and clothing and distributed it on Maidan and sent us these photos and videos:

Cart with goods Receipt_200_dollars Maidan_receiving

Video of Slava distributing the food we purchased for Maidan – Please donate – we will buy more!

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