Demonstration on May 10


Hundreds March across Golden Gate Bridge to Support a Unified and Democratic Ukraine

May 12, 2014 – Holding Ukrainian flags and a banner with the simple message, STOP PUTIN, HELP UKRAINE, over two hundred Bay Area residents marched across the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday, May 10 to rally support for an independent, unified, and democratic Ukraine.

“A bridge is a symbol of Unity” said Mikola Bilogorskiy, a tech entrepreneur from Mountain View who helped organize the event.  “I am from Eastern Ukraine, and know that Putin’s assertion that he must protect Russian speaking Ukrainians in Southern and Eastern Ukraine is nothing more than a pretext for trying to carve off more Ukrainian territory.  I am here today to support my family and friends in Eastern Ukraine who want to remain in a unified Ukraine.”

After crossing the bridge, the marchers gathered in Fort Baker and held a flag that was over 115 by 10 feet.  Oksana Stus, a longtime resident of South San Francisco originally from Kyiv, sewed the flag.  “As I was sewing together the blue and gold material to make Ukraine’s flag, it seemed like a metaphor for how so many are fighting in Ukraine to keep the country unified as Putin is trying to tear it apart.”

Signatures were gathered at the rally to ask President Obama to support “The Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014” introduced in the Senate on April 30, 2014.  The proposed legislation would impose tougher sanctions on Russia and provide direct military assistance to Ukraine. “Ukrainians don’t want violence and certainly not war, but Putin is holding a gun to Ukraine’s head, and the United States must honor our promise to help Ukraine defend itself, or we will risk allowing an emboldened Putin to destabilize Europe.” said Volodymyr Kuleshov, a Phd. student at Stanford University.

This demonstration was not sponsored by nor affiliated with any governmental or non-governmental organizations, political groups, or parties.

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