Demonstration on March 29, 2014


MaydanSF and the Ukrainian Community of San Francisco Bay Area Commemorates the Fallen Heroes of Maidan through a Candlelight Vigil at Union Square

Mar 29, 2014 – San Francisco – On a rainy Saturday evening, close to a 100 Ukrainians and their friends gathered in San Francisco’s Union Square to commemorate the victims who were killed during the anti-government movement in Kyiv. They unfurled a large Ukrainian flag, lit candles in the memory of all those who died, and set up a stand with the victims’ photographs. The participants sang the anthem of Ukraine and Ukrainian songs of mourning.

Since November 21, 2013, over a hundred people died in Ukraine; many were shot or beaten by government forces, and several were tortured. On February 20th, more than 86 people who were protesting against corruption were killed by police, making that day the bloodiest in Ukraine’s history since the country’s independence in 1991.

Some of these victims were shot by snipers, while the victims were providing medical attention to injured demonstrators. One such young man, Yevhen Kotliar, was shot while he was carrying a wounded protester to safety. Kotliar died at the age of 34 and is remembered by his family and friends in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and abroad.

The victims who died during the Maidan movement became known as “Nebesna Sotnya,”
or the “Heavenly Hundred.” One can learn more about Nebesna Sotnia at the

According to Oksana Stus, one of the organizers from Maydan SF, “The ability to self-sacrifice and heroism of the fallen heroes were born from an incredible love for Ukraine and their belief in a better future.” “We hope that victims who died during Ukraine’s recent revolution did not sacrifice their lives in vain and that we will see a new, democratic Ukraine arise,” said Mikola Bilogorsky, MaydanSF Co-Founder.

MaydanSF, the local support group of the Ukrainian pro-democratic movement, keeps spreading awareness about the situation in Ukraine. Since December 2013, MaydanSF has raised over $30,000 in funds. Some of these funds were transferred directly to the families of the victims, who died in the struggle for a free and democratic Ukraine.


MaydanSF Facebook page.
Photos from the event.

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