Russian Consulate – July 6



SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 6, 2014 – Over 50 people gathered at the Consulate General of Russia boycotting Putin’s actions against Ukraine. President Putin continues to support terrorist acts in Eastern Ukraine reproaching all norms of international law and the sovereignty of Ukraine, which caused a lot of discontent and protests of the international community all over the world.

The target message of the Ukraine’s supporters was: “To stop Putin’s totalitarian regime and Russian Imperialism”. People also chanted slogans like “Freedom to Russian political prisoners”, “Russia without Putin”, “Putin Out of Ukraine”.

“First and foremost I want peace for my country. I want Putin to walk away from sponsoring terrorism and breeding violence and seek a peaceful coexistence with democratic, European Ukraine” said Mikola Bilogorskiy, MaydanSF co-founder and one of the organizers of the protest, who was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The demonstration was met by a dozen of pro-Russian activists condemning Ukrainian army. However there was no confrontation between the opposing groups, who were able to peacefully communicate their political opinions. The highlight of the event was the singing of the worldwide known folk song “Putin Khuylo” by Californian Ukrainians.

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About MaydanSF

MaydanSF is a San Francisco Bay Area group of political activist volunteers, not-affiliated with any political parties or organizations. We all care about Ukraine deeply and are helping Ukrainian EuroMaidan movement with protests, fundraising and lobbying for sanctions on corrupt dictators.


Russian state media portrays armed subversives as heroes while denigrating the Ukrainian as a malign force persecuting the very citizens it seeks to protect.

Unfortunately the situation in eastern Ukraine is far from peaceful, as the crisis threatens to escalate into further conflict and bloodshed. The Russian Federation continues to support armed insurrection against the legitimate, democratically-elected government in Kyiv. Terrorists supported by Putin rob and kill Ukrainians every day, both civilians and military. Hundreds of people have died and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. The Organization of Security And Cooperation in Europe has declared Russian agents to be “occupiers” of Ukraine and announced that Russian Federation has violated the Helsinki principles in its relations with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Putin is touring European countries to promote the construction of a gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine. In his dual role as statesman and salesman, Putin is seeking to secure Russian hydrocarbon exports as a matter of official foreign policy. This cynical sales campaign shows Putin’s financial ambitions to become Europe’s gas monopolist, to which Ukraine poses an irritating obstacle as an independent democratic state. An undemocratic leader who aims to kill for his political and financial ambitions is, by definition, a murderous tyrant.

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