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Total Donations Sent to Ukraine: over $30,000

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MaydanSF is a San Francisco Bay Area group of political activist volunteers, not-affiliated with any political parties or organizations. We all care about Ukraine deeply and are helping Ukrainian EuroMaidan movement with protests, fundraising and lobbying for sanctions on corrupt dictators.



We are collecting money via paypal –
and via bitcoin – 14Qaqigybi65HN6qxbq2YNuWE3AffHV4EL
We are transferring money to our trusted coordinators in Kyiv and posting receipts below.

We have cooperated with Ukrainians in London, UK to provide financial support to Euromaidan in Kyiv. On Dec 15th Ukrainian community of London, UK gathered donations for a total of 1258 GBP ($2,000 USD) and transferred them to MaydanSF. And on Dec 24, an addition 900 GBP ($1,435.95 USD) was transferred. On Jan 26 London community gathered another 1087 GBP ($1,737.35 USD) and transferred to MaydanSF. On Feb 17 we received 1100 GBP ($1790.76 USD) more from London. Thanks for your generous donations, London!

We bought and set up maydanSF headquarters tent near the stage in Kyiv. We purchased gasoline and diesel fuel for buses to get Euromaidan supporters to Kyiv, and bought tents and warm boots to distribute. We purchased medical equipment, medications and warm clothes and we sent funds to the families of the people who were killed. Our Kyiv activist provided the receipts, photos and videos on this page.



New Videos from Kyiv:

Additional Receipts here – Receipts Archive Page.