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MaydanSF is a platform created by Ukrainians living in the San Francisco Bay Area to support Ukraine in its fight for Democracy, Independence, and Freedom. Our current goal is to help Ukraine stand up to Russian aggression by bringing awareness to people in the SF Bay Area about events in Ukraine, so that we can all support Ukraine together. MaydanSF collects donations and sends help to Ukrainian army. We arrange for the purchase and shipment of needed equipment directly to Ukrainian soldiers and army volunteers. We report all spending and purchases here, on our facebook page. Brave Ukrainian people are fighting for the Country’s freedom now, they need our help.
MaydanSFApril 26th, 2016 at 11:15pm
Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster. Our thoughts are with the brave men and women who lost their lives trying to contain the meltdown at the reactor, and we pray that such terrible accidents will never happen again in the future.

To mark this anniversary, the US today pledged $10 million to help ensure the safety of future generations who live in the affected area. This pledge comes on top of the more than $400 million the US has already committed to the international effort to help #Ukraine restore the site of the accident to an environmentally safe and secure condition. For details, see:
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MaydanSF shared their photo.April 25th, 2016 at 6:05pm
We want to thank everyone who has supported this project and attended the screening yesterday at the San Francisco Public Library. We can't wait to see new films from this young and very talented Ukrainian Film Director, a member of The National Association of Cinematographists of Ukraine and a lecturer on the course of "Film directing" and "TV presenter skills" at the Kyiv National I. K. KARPENKO-KARY Theatre, Cinema and Television University - Iryna Pravylo.

Please support their team by liking "My Childhood" FB page and keep an eye on the progress:

#ukrainiancinema #supportukraine #ukrainianculture
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MaydanSFApril 9th, 2016 at 1:00am
The campaign to raise money for a thermal imaging device for Ukrainian defenders has passed 50% mark!!! The conflict in Donbas area of Ukraine has largely turned into a trench warfare. In such circumstances, optical devices are of vital importance! PLEASE HELP US COLLECT FUNDS FOR A THERMAL IMAGING DEVICE ("ТЕПЛОВІЗОР")! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! ANY AMOUNT HELPS!

Donations can be made to this campaign:
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MaydanSF added 9 new photos.April 7th, 2016 at 2:04am
MaydanSF Donates a Rifle Scope to the Ukrainian Marines.

A MaydanSF team member recently visited the 36th Marine Brigade, currently training in Mykolayiv, Ukraine. The volunteer group Combat-UA organized an excellent course for the soldiers and has brought in the best experts to prepare future snipers for the battlefield. Big thanks to this brave group volunteers!

Thanks to the excellent course and its qualified instructors, soldiers who will be facing the real battlefield in a few weeks from now are showing great progress every day and are ready to defend Ukraine and its right to a peaceful future.

MaydanSF has made a modest contribution to the 36th Brigade and donated one rifle scope. Education and good equipment is an effective way to make a difference.

Every contribution counts. You can help Combat-ua directly (check their page for more details) or support MaydanSF via PayPal and mention "UA Maries" in the transaction. We need to purchase more scopes, tactical glasses, other protective specialized gear for the best soldiers completing the course. This is not supplied by the government and is best if purchased in the US (in terms for both quality and price).
MaydanSF is collecting money to help Ukrainian army in the most efficient way possible. We only work with people we trust and know personally. You can support us by sending your donations via PayPal to or simply clicking
#maydansf #uamarines #bayareaukrainians #supportukraine #snipersschoolua
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MaydanSFApril 3rd, 2016 at 7:49am
Ukrainian Film Director Iryna Pravylo and MaydanSF team invite you to the "My Childhood" screening on April 23rd at the San Francisco Public Library, 2pm.

This international cinema project includes three short films set in Ukraine, Georgia, and Italy. The films about the eternal values and tell stories of three boys who are going through the formation stage of their lives. This trilogy is about one of the most important time in our life - the childhood.

So we are happy to invite all Ukrainians, Georgians, Italians, Americans and others to join us.

San Francisco Public Library, April 23, at 2 p.m.
With warm hugs from Ukraine. Film director, Iryna Pravylo."


Come have a good time, watch a beautiful meaningful movie, support Ukrainian cinema and Ukrainian Defenders.
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