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MaydanSF is a platform created by Ukrainians living in the San Francisco Bay Area to support Ukraine in its fight for Democracy, Independence, and Freedom. Our current goal is to help Ukraine stand up to Russian aggression by bringing awareness to people in the SF Bay Area about events in Ukraine, so that we can all support Ukraine together. MaydanSF collects donations and sends help to Ukrainian army. We arrange for the purchase and shipment of needed equipment directly to Ukrainian soldiers and army volunteers. We report all spending and purchases here, on our facebook page. Brave Ukrainian people are fighting for the Country’s freedom now, they need our help.
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Saving the lives of brave Ukrainian soldiers is our main priority! We need to keep them safe day and night!

San Francisco Bay Area — with your support we helped volunteers from Come Back Alive (Повернись живим) purchase a thermal imaging device for the 3rd regiment of the Ukrainian Special Forces.
These devices are crucial in enabling our troops to spot the enemy at night. Thanks for helping keep Ukrainian defenders safe!

MaydanSF is collecting money to help Ukrainian army. Help us by sending your donations via PayPal to or simply clicking

#Ukraine #UnitedForUkraine #StopRussianAggression #MaydanSF #SanFrancisco
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MaydanSFJuly 18th, 2015 at 4:18pm
California, get ready to welcome more Ukrainian musicians. Save the date and buy your early bird ticket now.

ONUKA, we can't wait to welcome you
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MaydanSF shared Ukrainian American Coordinating Council's event.July 17th, 2015 at 8:21am
One year have passed since pro-Russian separatists shot down a passenger aircraft Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in the sky over Eastern Ukraine and took away lives of 298 innocent people.

Join the local community in commemorative candlelight vigil tonight (Friday) at 7:30pm at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco to mourn the victims of the tragedy

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MaydanSFJuly 9th, 2015 at 8:00pm
Ukraine has a bright future ahead!
Come to Ukraine! Invest in Ukraine!
Ukraine. Open for U.
Ukraine provides unlimited opportunities for investments with its highly-skilled professionals, proximity to the core transport hubs of the region and being ...
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More support for Ukrainian soldiers from San Francisco community!
MaydanSF sent $1000 to Combat-ua volunteer group (via Igor Fedirko). These are the money we collected during our recent events: Ukrainian movie screening “Unforgotten Shadows” in SF, as well as proceeds from the “Taras Bul’ba” painting auction.

Part of the funds was used for binoculars, that, by the way, have already been delivered to Ukrainian Special Forces at the frontier in Luhansk obl.

Thank you so much all who contributed - more specifically:

a) all MaydanSF friends in SF bay who came for our movie screening event
b) movie producer Andrex Selivanov, for providing “Unforgotten Shadows” for one-time screening event
c) Mrs. Tonya Husar (for donating the Taras Bul’ba painting) and Katya Yashchuk (for buying it from auction)

Stay tuned for more MaydanSF events to support Ukrainian soldiers!

As always, if you want to help, please donate via PayPal to or click We take personal care for delivering proceeds (or purchased equipment) directly to Ukrainian soldiers, and report it here on our page. Слава Україні!

#Ukraine #UnitedForUkraine #MaydanSF #CombatUA
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